Japan & Me

Juliana Kittel

Occupation: Student Adelaide University (Bachelor of Law and Languages)
Age: 19

Tell us about a place you like in Japan.
I really like Kobe. It has a great atmosphere with beautiful nature, stunning buildings and a unique, international feel.

What did you do when you lived in Japan

I lived in Rinku Town, Osaka. I participated in the JENESYS Program, which is an intense six week course for university students from South East Asian countries who are studying Japanese.

What interests you about Japan

There are so many things to appreciate: the Japanese language, food, traditions, way of thinking and lifestyle.

How is life in Japan different to life in Adelaide
The focus on punctuality and order in Japan is amazing. The reliability and precision of public transport is just one example. Despite the large population, public spaces are kept really clean - but it's nearly impossible to find a bin in cities!.

How does Japan influence your life at present

I'm currently studying Japanese at university, so my main focus is learning the language and taking opportunities to practice it. I enjoy Japanese food, listening to Japanese music, watching my favourite Japanese dramas and keeping in contact with the lovely friends I made while I was in Japan.

Edited: September 2012